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Prefabricated Wooden Houses and Bungalows

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OUR Price
22 000$

How Can We Reduce
the Price by 20-40%?
Market Price
30 000$
4Sources of So Favourable Price

Wood From Indonesia

Indonesia ranks 1st in the world in the fields of teak,
included in the TOP 5 world leaders in producing
industrial wood. Therefore, there is a low cost.


Own Production

We exclude intermediaries. Our own production consist of 11 types of equipments, 2 technologists and 30 workers.


Wooden panels without treatment

We deliver not treated timber that it can be worked with protective agents typical for your region.


Own logistics company

You work only with one Company which produce and delivers around the World by its own


Do You Have the Project Profile?

Who We Are. What We Do.

Over the 15 years, our company has steadily grown and expanded to become the largest manufacturer and global supplier of wooden houses and wooden wall panels from Indonesia! Becoming our partner is easy, working with us is profitable.Wooden Casa Indonesia highely interested in sales growth, so we try to provide our partners with the best conditions for cooperation, to provide all possible support. We guarantee that by becoming our partner, you will remain for many years. We are foreseeable and obligatory partner in business.

Why Teak’s Bungalows Are So Popular?

Strength class — 1. One of the most durable wood in the world. A Bungalow in teak serve over 100 years old

Wood contains flint and is not afraid of water. Teak is used in difficult conditions: decks of ships, yachts, steam saunas…

The teak wood is saturated with natural essential oil (antiseptic). Its not necessary to processing it because its not rot affected

For Centurie
Teak wood is so resistant to the effects and destructions that it used for countertops in chemical laboratories

Not Burn
Teak wood is so strong that 4 years old tree not burning even almost without processing

One of the most resistant to termites species of wood. Teak is as strong as oak, but it has 2 times less shrinkage coefficient
This is How We Build Your Homes

The client sends us the architectural project

We calculate and send you cost sheet

We make the contract, prepayment is 50% of the total amount

Depending on the size and complexity of the bungalow production will be around 1-3 months.

Every 5 days we will send to client updated photos and video reports from production about progress of work

OBLIGATORY control assembly

At the end of the work and the last report we receive 25%

We provide your bungalow delivery by the sea board, which ready for treatment and assembly.

Upon received, the client transfers us the last 25%.
We Are Building the Hotel Complex of
10 bungalows on Ibiza, Spain.
Please, Could You Calculate How Much It Coasts.
Why Do Clients From 20 Countries
Come to Us?

Does It Only Because of Low Price?
7Reasons Why Clients From 20 Countries
are Cooperating with Us
  1. 15 Years of Work with Wood — Well-Established Production Process
  2. We are Manufacture and Logistics Combined
  3. Work with Specialized Company — Buld Only Wooden Houses
  4. 33 Turn-Key Implemend Projects
  5. Photo/Video Reports Every 5 days
  6. 24/7 Support

  1. Why Do These Brands Moved Their Industries Into Indonesia?Inonesia was recogndised one of the 11 most developing countries. The production here is safe and cost-eff ective. Such brands place their production only in those countries where they are confident.
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For Architects and Bureau
Loyalty Program
from 10% Commission for customer attraction
Our affiliate program consist of sharing our income with everyone who brings a real client to our business. In such a situation, the one who brings customers and promotes sales — become a partner and gets a percentage of each sale made on his recommendation. In other words, it is a business recommendation in which a good recommendation is always paid!
We offer the ability to set an individual amount of Commission to a specific partner, both for all products and for each product separately
The affiliate program is very profitable because we save money, time and effort on advertising. If you help us with customer attraction — we will pay you a Commission

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